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Collaborative page highlighting: Wizlite January 17, 2006

Posted by lukaszfelsztukier in ajax, Collaboration, Javascript, tagging.

Alex Kirk, guy behing bookmarklet manager blummy, announced a new piece of software that came from his hand. It’s called Wizlite and basically it’s a web marker allowing you to mark parts of text that’s particularly of any interest to you.

Wizlite toolbar

It comes as either a bookmarklet of a firefox extension. When you set up the account at wizlite.com, you can then save your marked snippets for later, e.g. while doing a research on a certain subject. But wait – there’s more! What’s even cooler – by creating groups of folks you are able to share your findings. TADA! Collaborative it really is!

It’s not the first tool for annotating web pages, but others require a browser plugin, which is one massive barrier to widespread adoption. Using various Ajax technologies, Wizlite is able to work anonymously, without a plugin, and on all browsers; the Firefox extension is only an optional extra.

If you want to integrate this into your homepage, all you need to do is place a piece of Javascript right there on your page. As soon as you embedded that code, Wizlite will pop up automatically and display all selections that are marked as “public”.



1. Toufeeq Hussain - June 12, 2006

Though not a collaborative tool per se, you might like to try out this firefox extension: WEB-MARKER : http://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2679

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