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Another web desktop January 22, 2006

Posted by lukaszfelsztukier in framework, Javascript, PHP.
Pageflakes - new Ajax web desktop

Pageflakes makes another aim at a thing called ‘web desktop’ – a place to gather your email, RSS feeds, latest news of your interest and other stuff. Two most notable examples of web desktops are Google Personalized Homepage and Microsoft Start.com.

Pageflakes like most of the Ajax Desktops, features RSS reading, email checking, note taking, searching, etc.
It also provides a developer API to allow third party module-creation. It’s still in very early developer release (pre-alpha), and that may be the reason why it only supports IE. Sheesh…



1. Christoph Janz - February 3, 2006

Hi there,

Thanks for writing about us!

Just a short comment to let you know that Pageflakes now works with Firefox (and Opera, too). Thank you for your patience, Firefox users.

Best regards

Christoph Janz, Pageflakes

2. Ian - March 16, 2006

I like this one, but I was having trouble making it work on My Quad Core Powermac with Firefox… So, I’m sticking with Netvibes for now.

3. Bill nadraszky - March 23, 2006

I am really liking this in both IE and Firefox. The features are fantastic. How do people find this compares to the personlized page for Google, this seems to me to have a lot more features

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