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This blog was started for one simple reason: to group all the wonderfull ajax websites, tools, javascript functions – generally new approaches to designing interactivity on the web and changing its’ face in the process.

My daily job as CTO of interactive agency puts me into position to evaluate the new stuff that makes its’ way onto the web and this blog is a way to share all my findings with the rest of the world.



1. Amanda White - April 28, 2006

Subject: TheBroth, a multiplayer Ajax application

Dear Webmaster,

My name is Amanda White, from the team behind http://www.TheBroth.com, “the Global Mosaic”, a massively multiplayer Web 2.0 application based on Ajax, Php and Mysql.

The Global Mosaic is made of 1,000 colorful tiles that are shared by everyone. When someone moves a tile, others can instantly see it move on their screens!

Here’s our press release: http://www.thebroth.com/press.html

Ajax Powered and its associated community may be especially interested in our developer blog, where we share what we’ve learned while making TheBroth, revealing Ajax, Php, Mysql and JavaScript tips, tricks and techniques!

A review of TheBroth and perhaps discussion of the techniques and tutorials is very welcome. We also have our support forum that includes a developer section.

Kind regards,

Amanda White http://www.thebroth.com

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